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American Tomahawk

Hickory Replacement Handle

Hickory Replacement Handle

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This is a replacement hickory handle specifically for our Model 1 and 2 Tomahawks that came with Hickory handles. These handles cannot be swapped or installed in a head that came with a nylon handle, the eyes are machined completely different and the hickory handle could loosen easily with use due to the design differences. These do not fit other brands that use the American Tomahawk name for their product lines.

Included: Hickory handle, hickory wedge, metal safety wedge.

Handle removal

To replace the handle you will need some basic woodworking skills. To remove the old handle from the head is a pretty simple task though. You will have to drill holes into the top of the handle until the handle can be driven out with a dull chisel or a drift.



A large percentage of our handles are going to fit the eye of the Model 1 and 2 without any prep work. If the handle is too large to fit the eye, you will have to do some file or sanding for just the right fit. Once the handle is inserted into the head, you will then secure it with the two wedges included with the handle. First the wooden hardwood wedge is driven into the slot in the handle, a little waterproof wood glue is always a good idea to reinforce this joint. Finally, drive in the circular metal wedge dead center in the handle.


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