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American Tomahawk



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American Tomahawk and the Austrian's have one very important thing in common: a love for good sausages! The Austrian's love them so much, that in WWI they issued iron totems of the Great Spiked Sausage - the GRAZ - for soldiers to take into the trenches and keep up morale. Inspired by the Austrian's affinity for sausages, American Tomahawk decided to make their own tribute to the great Graz, investment cast from brass right here in the USA! Perfect for propping up your sausages when cooking, with a spiked no-slip design and four convenient finger holes that make sure it stays in place, while still allowing you to hold and handle your other cooking utensils! Each one is finished with a killer vintage patina finish, looking like you just found them on an old battlefield. And if that history lesson was too much for you, just be boring and go look up the Austrian Graz.

Instead of machining Graz, we decided that Investment Casting was a cool way to go. Investment casting, also known as lost-wax casting is one of the oldest known metal forming techniques, Investment casting has been used in various forms for the last 5,000 years. So, they have street cred and a certain old school character that you can't get with machining.
These aren't for carrying around, they are a kitchen utensil. Don't do dumb stuff and break laws. Texas and a growing number of states don't mind if you slip them in your back pocket, and some states will issue a permit for such a crazy idea. Do yourself a favor and research it for your locality so you don't make us say "we told you so!"
Due to the hand-finished nature, each Graz patina and finish will vary slightly from piece to piece.

  • Width: 5 In
  • Height: 1 3/4 in
  • Finger Hole Size: 1 1/8 in Diameter
  • Finish: Forced Patina
  • Will it fit my Big Hand? It "should" fit, we did some testing
  • Weight: Brass: 9.2oz
  • Cool Factor: High
  • Great For: Your meat, but not your complexion
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